Pink Snuggie: An Innovation?

When one thinks of innovation or creating the next big thing, I bet the image of a soft, cuddly pink sleeved blanket probably isn’t at top of mind. But when the Snuggie debuted in the late 2000s, it became a pop culture phenomenon. Often imitated—and even mocked by critics—the Snuggie inspired pub crawls and became the quintessential gag gift. Mass Snuggie-wearing is even denoted as a Guinness World Records holder, and the company’s website states over 30 million have been sold.

Do you remember how the Snuggie was introduced to the market in 2008? Put yourself back into the year when Flo Rida topped the charts with Low, and Apple launched the iPhone 3G. Now that we’ve gone back in time a decade, you might recall this informercial introducing the world to the blanket with sleeves. Even with the “cold but don’t want to increase your heating bill” messaging, the makers of the Snuggie created something that we didn’t even know we needed.

Fast-forward back to present-day winter 2018 in Las Vegas. True, we haven’t received snow this year, but there was a cold snap (well, for the desert) this week. And I’ve been wrapped up in my trusty pink Snuggie all day. My arms are warm, but my hands are free to work. And I realize the innovation in creating this kitschy product is largely based to its finding a niche market…and selling the heck out of it.

A friend and I recently discussed life-changing solutions—the art of creating something that we didn’t even know we couldn’t live without in our daily lives. Neither of us are inventors, but can we drive that kind of innovation? When I look at my consulting work, I know that it’s not only unfulfilling to be a jack of all trades…it is impossible. That is why our business model is perfect for a specialized group, namely supporting small businesses and non-profit organizations on targeted strategies.

So, if a cuddly, pink blanket with sleeves can not only exist but be somewhat of a phenomenon, why can’t we all put something out into the world that brings value? With the right messaging—the well-crafted story—many products and solutions can hit their mark. After all, it takes creativity, innovation, and excellent brand working together seamlessly to be a success. And we can be your strategic partner to help you get there…one that may be wrapped up this winter in a warm, pink Snuggie.