The Written Word

Why is writing so important? Like all forms of communication, it is essential for expressing ideas, cultivating creativity, discussing points of view, and reaching common goals. The caveman may have used drawings as a form of language, but the written word did not come into play until roughly 3500 BC in Mesopotamia.

Fast-forward several thousands of years, and the written word has evolved many times over. From Gutenberg’s Bible and Shakespeare’s sonnets to today’s short-form text messages and emojis, the way our words appear on paper—and now screens—has certainly changed! But while the method and language have seen many different iterations, the power behind words is still a fundamental part of humanity.

The Written Word in Business
A friend who is a senior global communications leader once shared a quote her mentor said to her, “Most people are only operating on a C-minus level.”

“Most people are only operating on a C-minus level.”
-Anonymous Mentor

If you’re like me, after you read this, you’ll commiserate and go about your day. But then, this might creep into your thoughts almost daily. You might recall this on your commute to work or while on hold during a call to customer support. Hopefully, you don’t encounter this theory of barely passable performance within your workplace, but I promise you’ll start to think about it.

Which is why it’s crucial to have strong—not just above average—communication skills in your marketing efforts. The cornerstone of any cohesive strategy is good writing. I will repeat: without proper grammar, articulation of key points, compelling narrative, and a direct call to action, any initiative is lacking.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” 
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

This is the reason that we love the phrase “Strategic Storytelling,” and we’ve written about it in the past. It encompasses the best information presented in the most interesting way to the appropriate audience; it’s the heart and soul to any brand. A client has mentioned several times that she appreciates the way we “get it” so quickly: the information, the story, and the best way to tell it across multiple channels. And the written word—at an A-plus level—is a critical part to high performance.


Get the Write Stuff
There are many solutions to get strong writers on your team—whether it’s scouring journalism graduates as interns, bringing that talent into your group, or partnering with a consultant who specializes in strategic communications. And selfishly, our vote’s on the third option, as that is what we do every single day!

No matter how you fill this void, we think it’s just what is needed to set your message apart from all of the information your clients sift through daily. To learn more about how we can help your written communications perform at an A-plus level, please click below for a free initial session. Now, that’s bringing your A-game!

Tribe: Surround Yourself for Success

When I started my business over three years ago, I didn’t realize I'd become a jack of all trades. I figured I’d be completely focused on the strategic marketing activities of my clients…and for a couple of hours a month on my own business. How wrong I was! I’ve learned to set aside time to work on my own brand, as well as set up and run a small business. It’s tremendously daunting to think of all the work that goes into going out on my own, but I have learned a few important things…insert teaser here for an upcoming blog post.

What I did right from the start—and probably stumbled upon—was surround myself with supportive people and allies. In a culture where words like tribe and squad are often used, I hesitated before calling this assembled force a tribe. Yet when thinking about it, one of the first things both my mentor Lori and client Nikkole advised was: get a tribe.

Tribe /trīb/ noun: close friends, group of people who are loyal to you, care for you like family. In a business environment, a tribe includes mentors, partners, encouragers, and connectors.

Urban Dictionary defines tribe as “close friends, group of people who are loyal to you, care for you like family.” For this post, I’ll take it wider to include specific people like mentors, partners, encouragers, and connectors. I even count resources like Judi Holler’s Friday FAB Five email and the Copyblogger FM podcast as experts in my extended tribe. And I must say, one cannot be successful without a delightful combination of all types in one’s posse.

To those of you who knowingly are in my tribe, you have my gratitude. And to those influencers, thought leaders, and role models that are putting positive ideas and encouragement into the world, thank you. To my clients, I appreciate you for allowing me to partner as a part of your organization’s marketing team.

And to my readers, if you have a gap in your external communications or strategic storytelling, I’d love to be a part of your group. It’s a big world out there, and we must get together to create an impact. I’d welcome an opportunity to join forces and make a bigger splash! Click here to start the conversation.